Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name Research interests
Dr. Aramati Casper Ecology education, informal science education  ACasper.photo1[1]

Graduate Students

 Name Research interests
Shannon Anderson, PhD student Problem solving in organic chemistry  img_4142
Jessie Arneson, PhD Student Visualization in biochemistry, Assessment arneson

Undergraduate Researchers

Oliver LeKressner

Jacob Woodbury


Jeff Boyer, North Dakota State University

Andy Cavagnetto, Washington State University

Bill Davis, Washington State University

Jennifer Momsen, North Dakota State University

Noah Schroeder, Wright State University

Alan White, University of South Carolina


Name Role Where are they now?
Prosper Amponsah REU Student UNC Frank H. Netter School of Medicine
Jordyn Benzi (Hull) REU Student Teacher, Cripple Creek-Victor High School
Nick Byrne REU Student Undergraduate, Tufts College
Andrew Calascione Graduate student Master’s student, Teaching and Learning, NDSU
Mary Derting REU student 2016 B.S. Agricultural Science
Alisa Fairweather Undergraduate researcher Graduate Student, University of Iowa
Nate Grosz Undergraduate researcher Physics doctoral student, NDSU
Christine Huynh Undergraduate researcher WSU Sophomore
Bridget (Kilen) Jacob Undergraduate researcher High School Teacher, Garrison High School, ND
Anne Kelton REU student Student Teaching, Lee University
Amanda Kliora REU student Teacher, Children’s Shelter of Cebu
Callie Krupke Undergraduate researcher Master’s student, Department of Microbiological Sciences, NDSU
Melody McConnell Graduate student Graduate student, North Dakota State University
Megan Meyer Undergraduate Researcher University of North Dakota Medical School, Mayo Residency
Dustin Mueller Undergraduate researcher Amazing dad and Master’s student